Andaran atish'an, milord. I trust that fate has been fortunate enough to smile upon you.
— An older Amethyne, approx. 9:38 Dragon

Amethyne is a young city elf originally from the Denerim Alienage. She was adopted by Lord Aedan Cousland and Leliana after her mother Iona was murdered.

As she matured into a young woman, Amethyne served as Leliana's handmaiden and one of her spies during her tenure as Divine Justinia V's Left Hand, a position she retains after the reformation of the Inquisition.


Early lifeEdit

Amethyne was born in the Denerim Alienage on 9:21 Dragon. Her mother, Iona, was an elven servant who was elevated to the position as lady-in-waiting to Bann Loren's wife Lady Landra as a reward for her family's loyal service. Her father died of illness two years after her birth. According to Iona, Amethyne has her mother's eyes and it is said by many that she looks a great deal like her mother.


Amethyne in the slums of the Alienage during the Blight.

Because Lady Landra's manor wasn't large enough to accommodate Amethyne, she was sent to live at the alienage in Denerim where she was given the opportunity to learn what it means to be elven. There she was looked after by other elves such as Shanni and Hahren Valendrian.


During the Fifth Blight, Amethyne remained unaware of the events that occurred during the siege of Castle Cousland that resulted in the death of her mother. She was later informed of Iona's fate, a fact that utterly shook the young girl to her core. Now without a family, Amethyne was placed into an orphanage but ran away after it became haunted by demons following Arl Rendon Howe's soldiers purging the alienage to quell an uprising.

She struggled to eke out a living on the streets, for a while. Eventually, Amethyne came face-to-face with Aedan Cousland, a nobleman from Highever and one of the two remaining Grey Wardens in Ferelden. Taking pity on her, Aedan made sure Amethyne was well-fed and clothed.


After the Blight was brought to an end, Aedan visited the alienage once more and approached Amethyne, asking the elf to become his adoptive daughter. Not wanting to be alone, Amethyne agreed. She packed her belongings and moved into the Cousland Estate in the Denerim Market District, where she was raised by the Hero of Ferelden and his Orlesian wife Leliana.

Amethyne had a difficult week adjusting to her new surroundings; she would spent most nights crying, praying for her mother to come home. In time, she grew to appreciate Aedan and Leliana in their efforts to comfort her.

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