"Other people always took the risks to keep me free.."

Bethany Hawke (born 9:11 Dragon) is Garrett Hawke’s younger sister and Carver Hawke’s fraternal twin. An apostate mage, she received her magical training from her father, who was also an apostate.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Bethany Hawke is the youngest sibling of Garrett Hawke and the younger fraternal twin sister of Carver Hawke. From birth, Bethany and her family had been on the run. Her father, Malcolm Hawke, was an apostate who escaped the Circle of Magi and her mother, Leandra Amell, was a noblewoman from Kirkwall. Though traveling while pregnant was not advised, her mother had no other option.

At first, the Hawkes were on the run for Malcolm’s sake. It was easy enough for him to hide his talents, having been taught control in the Kirkwall Circle. It was until just after Bethany’s and Carver’s seventh birthday that everything changed.

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