Family Aldouin

Mylan Fleur
Leader: Vincent Aldouin

Louis Aldouin (1st)

Miles Milheim (2nd)

Nationality: Orlesian
Type: Minor Noble
Appearances: Coming Soon

House Aldouin is a minor Orlesian house in Lydes. Today, it is led by Vincent Aldouin, the heirs to the house are Louis and Miles, as Vincent has no children of his own. During the Fereldan Independence war, they lost most of their Chevaliers, leaving the house bankrupt and severely weakened.


House Aldouin goes as far back as the Imperial throne does. It's always been loyal to Orlais and the Chantry. The family spreads far and wide, but is headquartered in Lydes. It has members in Montsimmard, Val Royaux and since the end of the Fereldan Independence war, Starkhaven, after having been seated in Denerim. The family had quite a name and was well respected, but nearly lost all of it's status when the war drained it from it's many decorated Chevaliers. It is a very militaristic house, so this was the source of their prestige. However, through it's loyalty to the Chantry, it kept it's head above water, although that was nearly completely depleted courtesy of the mage scandal within the family, where Michelle Aldouin bore two sons of a mage, one with magic affinity. Louis' part in the circle however, simply gave them a face in the mages community rather than erasing it from the Chantry. Slowly, it is recovering from it's losses, with promising warriors like Miles, the second heir to the throne, emerging through Vincent Aldouin's great training skill. It is far from what it once was however, the family itself is as proud as ever.


  • Miles Milheim
  • Vincent Aldouin
  • Michelle Aldouin
  • Louis Aldouin
  • Gaze (Adopted by Michelle)

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