The Dark Rising Series is a Fanfiction Series based in the Dragon Age Universe that takes up Dragon Age: Origins, Awakening and Dragon Age II, there are a lot more changes including the introduction of the Darksiders.


Seasons and ArcsEdit

Darksiders RisingEdit

The Fifth Blight ArcEdit

Ferelden must stand united against the Darkspawn and their Commanders however how can the nation stand up to the Darksiders when they have infiltrated the highest orders of society, poisoned the most uncorrupted minds and seek to return the Rule of the Old Gods to the land, starting with the Spirit of the Fallen's Divine King: Dumat.

The Awakening ArcEdit

The Darksiders are growing in strength and have amassed new political allies across Thedas, Darksiders' new Leader: Adrian Pentaghast Cousland, has long since accepted the power of Dumat and its soul into his body. The Darksiders and Grey Wardens learn of a Sentient Darkspawn that can talk, each in their own way, they begin to unravel this new mystery and seek to gain victory over the other.

Dark Gods RisingEdit

Noteable Organizations and Races:Edit


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