Magic's Blade is a Fanfiction based off Dragon Age 2 written by TheNuttyAuthor on


Hector Hawke is a Fereldan warrior who feels he is cursed with magic. As he has rejected magic, the warrior only knows one spell, which is solely useful for healing; he rarely ever uses it anywhere but health potions, feeling as though this is the only acceptable use for his magic. As he is forced to flee Ferelden and immigrate to Kirkwall, he slowly starts to develop an understanding of himself and the world around him.

The story of Magic's Blade largely revolves around how Hector becomes the Champion of Kirkwall while attempting to hide his magic from the people around him. However, Anders is able to see through his facade with ease, and Hector feels rather uncomfortable with that. The story also has a focus on Hector's relationship with Anders, and how it grows and changes from Hector grudgingly accepting Anders to them having a romantic relationship.


Main Characters:Edit


Free MarshersEdit

  • Sebastian Vael
  • Feynriel
  • Donnic


  • Titiana Penderghast
  • Cassandra Penderghast

Dalish ElvesEdit

  • Merrill


  • Isabela


  • Fenris


  • Varric Tethras
  • Branka
  • Hespith
  • Faren Brosca
  • Leske

Minor Characters:Edit


  • Flemeth
  • Horace Cousland
  • Alistair Therin
  • Teagan Guerrin
  • Remeth, Flemeth's (slightly crazy) brother
  • Leandra Hawke
  • Bryce Cousland
  • Eleanor Cousland
  • Fergus Cousland


  • Maric Penderghast
  • Maric Penderghast's Crazy and Delusional Group


  • Zevran Arainai


  • Endrin Aeducan
  • Khelgar Aeducan
  • Bhelen Aeducan
  • Oghren
  • Felsi

Free MarshersEdit

  • Saemus


  • The Arishok

Mentioned Characters (Cameo)Edit


  • Bethany Hawke
  • Malcolm Hawke (until TheNuttyAuthor gets the new DLC involving him)


  • Maric Penderghast was inspired by a spate of anime male protagonists who are rather self-absorbed and are never called out on it.

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