Family Edit

Bann Trevelyan Edit

Bann Trevelyan of Ostwick is Maxwell's father.

Lucille Edit

Lady Lucille is Maxwell's great-aunt. Known across the Free Marches for her appreciation of Antivan opera, especially The Murder of Queen Madrigal, she frequently holds summer balls at the Trevelyan Estate.

Love interests Edit

Lady Josephine Montilyet Edit

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you about arraigning the duel."
"Given that you're in one piece, body and dignity, I forgive you. Just do kiss me again."
―Maxwell and Josephine

Maxwell met Lady Josephine Cherette Montilyet at Haven after the reformation of the Inquisition.

Friends Edit

Cassandra PentaghastEdit

"When we first met, if someone told me I would be pleased to have you lead me, I would've throttled them. But I am. The Maker chose well."
―Cassandra to Maxwell


"Gentle. You watch me walking into darkness over and over, and you always worry. Thank you."
―Cole to Maxwell

Cullen RutherfordEdit

Dorian PavusEdit

"You are my dearest friend, perhaps my only friend. That will never change, no matter where we are."
―Dorian to Maxwell

Iron BullEdit




Thom RainierEdit

Varric TethrasEdit


Allies Edit


Empress Celene Valmont IEdit


Garrett HawkeEdit

Ser Jean-Marc StroudEdit


Enemies Edit



Grand Duchess Florianne de ChalonsEdit

Magister Gereon AlexiusEdit

Raleigh SamsonEdit

Other Edit

King Alistair TheirinEdit

Queen Anora TheirinEdit


Grand Duke Gaspard de ChalonsEdit

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