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    Elahriel Lavellan

    February 5, 2017 by Chronias

    Elahriel Sheraiselas Lavellan was a supporting character of Dragon Age: Inquisition.

    A Dalish Mage and a member of the Inquisition, who was recruited by her brother, the Lord Inquisitor, Mahanon Lavellan, and served the organization as an expert of Elven language and lore. She was often working together with other allied mages, scolars, scouts and Dalish elves lending her profound understandig of the Elven language, -runecraft and -lore.

    Elahriel was born in the Dalish camp of the Lavellan clan travelling along the nothern borders of the Free Marches to the Keeper's Second, Sheraiselas and the hunter, Avisdial Lavellan.

    Her mother, Sheraiselas, came to the Lavellan clan from Ralaferin clan that already had two mages next to their Keeper. She w…

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