"The stars still shine through your eyes, howbeit deep are the astral waters that ripple through your gaze, below the shroud of its gold." ―Keeper Deshanna Istimaethoriel Lavellan to Elahriel, concerning her young age, but apparent tact
Elahriel Sheraiselas Lavellan
Physical description





Eye color(s)


Hair color

Pale blonde

Skin color

Fair bronze



Biographical information


9:05 Dragon Free Marches




Arcane Warrior, Knight-Enchanter


Consultant of Elven history and language for the Inquisition,
Liaison to the Council of Wycome,
Research Fellow of the University of Orlais


Avisdial Lavellan (father)
Sheraiselas Lavellan (mother)
Inquisitor Mahanon Lavellan (brother)

Political information


Second of Clan Lavellan (formerly),
First of Clan Lavellan (formerly),
Honorary Associate Professor
of the University of Orlais

Also known as

Isera (by Keeper Deshanna)
The sister of the Inquisitor


Deshanna Istimaethoriel Lavellan,



Dragon Age


Elahriel Sheraiselas Lavellan was a supporting character of Dragon Age: Inquisition.

A Dalish Mage and a member of the Inquisition, who was recruited by her brother, the Lord Inquisitor, Mahanon Lavellan, and served as a consultant of Elven history and language for the organization. She was often working together with other allied mages, scolars, Inquisiton scouts and Dalish elves lending her profound understandig of the Elven language, -runecraft and -lore.



Elahriel was born in the Dalish camp of the Lavellan clan travelling along the nothern borders of the Free Marches to the Keeper's Second, Sheraiselas and the hunter, Avisdial Lavellan.

Her mother, Sheraiselas, came to the Lavellan clan from Ralaferin clan that already had two mages next to their Keeper. She was a Dreamer but the full potential of her talent was never unlocked do to her phobia of illicit demons. At a young age she experienced portending dreams in which fire burst out of her and either pierced the sky or draw even more fire down fom there. Terrified she sought the counsel of her Keeper who recognised the spark of arcane in her and also the danger of its assessed potency. She was allowed only to learn ice magic and protective spirit magic that she too found only safe eough, and once she reached adulthood was readied to leave the clan. Her unescapable dreams guided or sometimes pursued her as she travelled to the Free Marches where she eventually could settle with the Lavellan clan. There she became the Keepers's Second after hereir elder apprentice, the First, Deshanna. Eventually she became close with the hunter Avisdial and together they had a boy and a girl. During her pregnancy with Elahriel Sheraiselas experienced unsually harrowing nightmares that caused her such a psychic stress that led to loosing her ability to enter the Fade with the ease she could muster earlier. Although it was the worse experience in her life, she was twice the happier with the outcome, loosing her volatile nexus with magic and having her baby girl.

Elahriel very much seemed to inherit what her mother happily lost, as she was indentified as a Dreamer herself possessing a bright spirit. It was interpreted as a blessing of Sylaise and also as a pending curse by some – incuding her mother. According to tradition when she received her Vallaslin it was thus that of the Hearthkeeper. As the design was finished her face spontaniously caught on Veilfire to reasons unknown. Her clan members tried to put off the colorful flames by quenching it with water and damp fabrics to little avail, but they dissipated after a minute's due. As the Veilfire dues not much interact with the material world no injury was caused by the flash. The fresh Vallaslin that supposed to be amber turned into a more pale, golden hue however – barely different from her light bronze skin tone. There were more attempts recoloring it to its intended more intense shade, but it faded away always on the next time she slept/dreamt and woke up. it was left to be as it was, in the end. Her mother and some Keepers she told of it, interpreted her childhood dream of sky-piercing fire as the return of Sylaise's favor to the elves and with the harmless coloured flames sometimes spontaneously flashing and dancing around Elahriel there was little doubt that this favor was actually bestoved upon the child. More pragmatic Keepers and most dalish thought the notion basless superstition. – No one could know of couse by that time how the sky will be torn in 9:41 Dragon and how that will involve actually the boy, Mahanon, all the more...

The Lavellan clan migrated around the perpetually feuding Free Marches, travelling along the borders of the city-state's territories, where Free March rulers would be less inclined to attack them, for fear of accidentally provoking neighboring cities. The clan's leader, Keeper Deshanna Istimaethoriel Lavellan, taught Elahriel how to control and hone her powers. She grew into a capable mage, far away from the eyes of the templars and mage Circles.

Her brother became a hunter at a young age, growing into a respected protector and provider. Opposed to his sister's dubious talents many thought he was destined for greatness.

Elahriel finding little outlet within the clan embarked on a spritual quest that involved seeking to cultivate her Fade barrier and force abilities she believed to be untrained. During that pilgrimage did she came across Cillian and with him she thought to find most what she sought after.

As the mage rebellions culminating in 9:40 Dragon disturbed the clan's way of life, as the fighting spilled out into the countryside, Clan Lavellan's leader, Keeper Deshanna, eventually chose Mahanon to spy on the meeting at the Temple of Sacred Ashes between the Divine and the feuding factions, so he could bring back news of the outcome. Elahriel wanted to go for this mission herself or at least accompany her brother even leaving her trainings with Cillian behing, but her aspirations met strict refusal.



After the explosion that killed nearly everyone at the Divine Conclave Mahanon was believed to be lost and even to be killed there along with the other attendants. Later however word reached the clan that he is reported to be the only survivor at the site, even rumors that a mysterious mark on his hand is a sign of the Maker 's favor were spread by those who claim they saw the divine prophet, Andraste herself, lead 'Lavellan' out of the Fade.

After a carefull approach to contact the newly reformed Inquisition Keeper Deshanna wrote in a letter that it had come to the clan's attention that one of their members has been held captive by the Inquisition, but that he went to the Conclave only to observe the peace talks between the mages and templars, and that the clan found it highly unlikely that he intentionally violated their customs. She stated that if Mahanon has been charged with a crime, the clan would appreciate hearing of it, or if not, it would ease the clan's concerns to hear from him to know that he remains with the Inquisition of his own will. Following up with the reply it did the clan's hearts well to hear that he was safe. The clan was visited by members of the Inquisition who spoke persuasively of the good work he was doing. Keeper Deshanna and Elahriel gave the messengers some of their healing herbs, as Sylaise blessed the clan with abundance in the recent foraging, and they expressed in a personal letter that if he needed aid, she should only send word, and they are with him.

Elahriel was shocked but relieved to learn that after allying with mage rebels, Mahanon was able to close the Breach. Actually by the fact that he was able to. It made it ceratain that he indeed was destined for greatness and made it less certain that it was her who was the sky-piercing fire in their mother's dreams. The relization left her with a feeling of being somewhat deprived but she was glad to learn, however unexpected that her brother possessed significant connection with the Fade, and above all releived that the Herald of Andraste too maged to get away alove from the destruction Corypheus' army caused at Haven.

With the loss of Haven, the Inquisition elected to relocate to the fortress of Skyhold, where Mahanon was formally declared as their leader.

As the Inquisitor found himself discovering Veilfire runes and other elven inscriptions and symbology across various places he was investigating. Initially he had to rely mostly to Solas or other knowledgable mages or elves in his organization's ranks to interpret their meaning, but he soon sent word for his sister to the Free Marches to enlist her help and expertise on this specific field. Elahriel arrived to Skyhold soon after the Inquisiton started to use the stonghold as their new headquarters. She quickly claimed the Vault library as her preferred working place, but also often begged for access to either the western balcony of the Inquisitor's suite or a smaller room along the way upward there, and the Undercroft  justifying her appeal with the notion that tose places are special as magic does "well up" there. She was given only perperual permit to the latter. Other such special areas of her interst were those with "artifiacially amplified resonance", like the Undercroft after Arcanist Dagna installed her peculiar "spell-smithing" contraptions, the room in which Morrigan kept the Eluvian after a time, or the Atrium where Solas kept a Shard. Responding to her brother's inquiry Elahriel shared that "these places offer different tones for Dreaming".

When Solas pointed the question to her that whether she believes the Inquisitor being the Herald of Andraste, she told "It is written on your brows Solas. It would be a futile endeavour on my part to alter your point of view, but consider the Orlesian theater. My brother is an actor, wearing a mask. As long as his part of the plot arcs, he pays." disarming the mage, supresied by the acumen of her sentence.

After the Inquisitor entered the Fade physically while escaping Corypheus at Adamant Fortress, Elahriel was excited to hear her bother telling her how he felt it was like. He shared with some concern that he has seen tombstones of friends, allies and relatives within the realm of the Fear demonNightmare on which the greatest fear of a person was inscribed. Mahanon told their mother's read "Inferno" and hers "Relapse". He asked if she would care to talk about it or even to elaborate, but Eleahriel deterred the conversation iterposing "The Fade surely is untemprered by mercy." and politely asked her brother allow her pause to digest the implications.

the Imperial Court Enchanter, Vivienne took a liking of her after she was introduced to 'Madame de Fer' by the Inquisitor after she discovered their shared proclivity with arcane discipline and she was allowed special dispensation to learn the way the Knight-Enchanter and train with Commander Helaine at Skyhold. Elahriel found this specialized combative art to be well aligned with that of the Arcane Warrior but also possessing significant transparency with the techiques of the Force Magi  which synthesis was one much for her liking and essentially fullfilling her interest in harnessing the overall phenomenon pertaining the nature of the Fade-stuff of magic she often called "shifts and shields".

Elahriel attended the ball hosted by Grand Duchess Florianne at the Winter Palace in Halamshiral that hosted the peace talks to resolve the War of the Lions to what she donned an outfit created with dalish inspiration by the seamstress of Madame Vivienne. During her time there she made sure to meet Ambassador Briala and congratulate her on her effort and unwavering spirit to aid the People on the public and social level. Pointing out the peculiar accounts that she and her 'city elf' agents seemed to operate nigh-simultaneouly at relatively distant locations. To her question that how can Elahriel be informed about that she jokingly said that "knife-ears are long, Lady Ambassador" and adding "Distances are short when you look at them". Despite the fact that she was the companion of the Inquisitor who in turn was the companion of Grand Duke Gaspad she supported rather Empress Celene I, mostly do to her scolarly and occult bent as well as her 'sympathy' for elves which she told her brother when he asked her opinion of whom he should support. Ulimatley, like Leliana, she cat her 'vote' next to Briala first of all  perferably somehow alongside Celene. Late in the evening Solas proposed Elahriel to share a dance what she gladly accepted.

Glad with the opportunity to work with Cillian, the Inquisiton's elven linguist put her best to uncover the veiled meaning of the glyphs scattered across the Exalted Plains and together they put together the mystery that led to the Lost Temple of Dirthamen.

She followed and accompanied the Inquisitor to the Arbor Wilds to the Temple of Mythal. As much as thrilling it was to meet the ancient Mythalen Sentinels both them and Solas seemed "colorless" to her as opposed to the vivid temple, which she noted to Mahanon. When he asked for deliberation on whom should drink from the Well of Sorrows Elahriel epresses that these "bitter waters" are not really after her taste and begs her brother to steer clear from it as well, especially as she sees Solas' vehement own resistance, which she finds well-founded but nevertheless suspicious just as her dubious comments on the elven gods' nature and depite these obfuscated notions she completely agrees with Solas and also to that it shuld be Morrigan to drink from the well, saying "Let her bathe in her choice. Stay warm." In the wake of the Inquisiton's campaing in the temple and the Arbor Wilds at large Elahriel took possession of a Sentinel Plate armor.

The Descent

Although she personally did not follow Inquisior Mahanon down to the Deep Roads and further, Elahriel requested a thorough travelogue from his brother. As much as he was unable to fully pass on what he truly did experience she draw enough dreamtime input from him that when asked back what does she think on the matter she replied to her brother with what he later cynically referred to as "stony silence" and only dared to comment much as the mysteriously disappeared Shaper Valta said – what they have found in there "has huge implications for our People too." which she did not care to elaborate futher.
She inquired about Dagna's peculiar statments about lyrium and cognitive flares. The Arcanist told to the Inquisitor that she was one time "face-deep in a rune" and for a moment felt "mountain-tall" and as if around all her people, their combined thoughts constituting her thought like parts, then Dagna delivered the cryptic sentence "Like the lyrium needs to flow, but if you're part of it, it takes you with it. So you can't be part of it. That makes me sad." Learning that, Elahriel felt pity but also a mixed sensation of proudness and guilt – which she conefessed to her brother only.

Jaws of Hakkon

After the banishment of Corypheus , feeling she too deserved a 'vacation' Elahriel joined the Marcher, Professor Bram Kenric's pursuit of knowege in the Frostback Basin and later accopanied the Iquisition field ivestigation entourage to once again interpret the meaning of found veilfire runes and elven scripts left in the wake of the efforts of Inquisitor Ameridan.
Much to her suprise she found rather well-integrated psychic resonances that could be almost entirely translated to cognitive 'memories' and and factual languge patterns. This was only surpassed by learning that the author was actually still alive all along.
As the Inquisitor uncovered the whole truth about Ameridan, Elahriel was refreshed and humbled by how naturally his predeseccor blended his personal faith – according to his rcollected 'memories'  in to such collective aspects as the of mortal enrapture to divinity of both Andraste and Ghilan'nain.
Professor Kenric was shocked to learn the whole truth as Inquisitor Mahanon revealed the fact that Ameridan was noth just a mage but also an elf, to which he said that he'll "either be famous or beheaded". Elahriel reassured him for as much as it does worth, she will make her best that the former applies  not quite hiding her eagerness to win another contact of note in the Free Marches, in the Professor's case one in Starkhaven.




Unlike her mother, Elahriel took her ability to traverse the unknown as natural and took great lengths or big leaps to seek knowlege forgotten to contemporary elves, and also seemed possess composure and resolve to resist as well as presence and willpower enough to fend off illicit demons.

This peculiar approach to Spirits that in effect often rendered her more knowlegable on Elvhen lore as many Keepes coupled with the prodigius connection with arcane fire led some to belive she might be a vessel of Sylaise – in Chantry terms an Abomination – which notion, when she heard it, she cryptically commented on by saying: "We are out of reach. Closed in ...and out." then smilingly adding: "Closing in."

For all her brooding nature, oddly stoic stance and pragmatic-spiritual point of view on the ewerday existence aspects of which she often called "banal dross"  she was a caring person and liked to be useful. Although she was a capable mage her most considerable power was her resourcefullness. She has amassed a great hoard of knowlege and when needed and were motivated enough she possessed the socal acumen to get the most of that. She was a person who avoided conflict, generally, but when pressed by a situation or irrevokably provoked, she could show elemental temper hidden away under many layers of subtlety, serenity and sometimes even an algid surface. Her clan knew of her capability of social manneuvers, and disapproved, but with the Inqusition – and the Imperial Court for that matter  it was quite the contrary. Her dealing in secrets and favors met with significant approval. She was also fiercely loyal to the Lavellan clan and returned to help protecting her kin facing serious problems in Wycome, taking part in both infiltration, fight, posturing and diplomacy to saw the best interest of the clan, but also the city elves and even the common humans of the city-state to be observed.

Elahriel has seen the immaterial world in terms of shifts and shields, and also its inter- and transaction with the material world i. e. magic as the application of motion or form to the Fade-stuff or cessation of the same. Promoting or obviating change – suposedly one of the most sacred powers than guide existence.

Religious preferences

Blessed Sylaise, The Hearthkeeper of the Evanuris. This reverance however was not exactly a kind of devotion is the common sense, more like affinity.
As later revelations deposed them from the status of actual divinity, Ehlariel used to tell other elves that for all their 'absence' and for all the dirt dug on various members of the Pantheon by both the interpretations of ancient elven scripts, runes and depictions or by the calims of Fen'Harel regarding them as only powerful mages and pretender "would-be gods" that by what means do they believe that they even earned the right to judge them – straightforward indicating that, by any means, they did not.
Elahriel actually was – in a surprising way to most  quite accepting with the Andrastian faith. As her brother uncovered the whole truth about Ameridan, she was refreshed and humbled by how naturally the late Inquisitor blended his personal faith in to such collective aspects as that of the mortal enrapture of both Andraste and Ghilan'nain to divinity.
When drawn in to a theological debate, she was revealed to be a revolting radical thinker. She was keen to point out that the Chant of Light itself features two qualities or aspects of the Maker, and that the mortal / banal understanding cannot possibly leave behind the limitation of thinking along such polarity and analogous polarities  though one may cetainly be able to achive affinity with one pole or the other, or rather by understanding that the dichotomy of the theses themselves syntesise the truth lays somewere both within and withouth and at least become one step closer to comprehend unity. Not given her favorable status with the Inquisiton or trusted comrades among the Knight Enchanters she could have possibly met the flames she often found so fascinating on a torch – burning as a heretic.


Iquisitor Mahanon Lavellan


Sheraiselas Lavellan


Avisdial Lavellan


Deshanna Istimaethoriel Lavellan



More like a mentor than anythig else, Elahriel had an intimate connection with the Arcane Warrior. It was her intent to find someone who can hone her abilities in the arcane forces of combat, where what truly interested her were what she referred to as "shifts and shields" and "altering and abjuring" the primal forces that engulfs one in both in the physical realm and the Fade. She did. And it was her dreams that led her to the elven spellfighter. Cillian an Elahriel had both ancestors within the Ralaferin clan, but they were not tied by blood. Also however there were a physical attraction between the two elves it quickly transformed or transcended to another state of mutual appreciation and affinity. A relationship that is perhaps best described in another world as platonic , where she experienced that the other person inspires the mind and the soul and directs her attention to spiritual things.
To those with more mundane scope to look at love, their relationship was balanced, genuine and mostly everone could tell from the cues they resonated to one-another that these two are connected - up to the level that it could easily inspire jelousy or envy in others. This connection did never fade, and whenever Elahriel meet Cillian she greeted a friend with heart bare.


It was almost inevitable that Elahriel and Solas found eachother's occupation and shared interests and proclivities mutually attractive and enriching. She was able to discuss Spirits, the Fade, Elven lore and -history for hours uninterrupted. Also the mysterious elven mage became well aware of Elahriel's intimate connection to the Fade, being a fellow Dreamer. Elahriel enjoyed working together with Solas and lent her expertise to the arcane measures that he too was helping the effort of the Inquisition with – despite her own knowledge being often outranked by that of his. However unlike her seamless affinity with Cillian, Elahriel felt a certain polarity regarding Solas, that made him uncannily arttractive in a way ones is attracted to something strange they wish to know more.
As Solas later confessed, it was easier for him to approach her in shared lucid drams in the Fade, they grow really close, what many of the inner circle of Inquisition noticed, but was not quite surpried by the fact the two Elven apostates preferred one other's company and shared passing glances. Both Solas and Elahriel attended the ball hosted by Grand Duchess Florianne at the Winter Palace in Halamshiral where they also shared a dance.
Solas later inteded show to her how special he finds her, but she felt that his spirit became quite flustered during their intimate moment and was convinced that however he might meant what he said he is still somehow not really honest with her. She suddenly realized how volatile their connection was and she was shocked by the lack of true knowlege of what the source of this subtle interference might be. He spoke of giving the best he can, which is the truth, but it carried emptiness, or more like heavy obfuscation. She felt cornered. In that moment Elahriel expressed that perhaps she was impulsive pursuing more than friendship. Solas took this reaction disturbingly too well, saying that even in this she did surprise her and that she should know that she has a rare spirit in this world. She told him, "We are too old for this, aren't we?" to which he gasped and replied, "More than than you may realize..." Whith that their relationship became professional and albeit more balanced also significantly more stagnant, having felt the mage grew more distant and enbittered by the day.

Sister Nightingale

Sister Leliana often enlisted her help with translating Elven script and interpreting runes, depiction or to interpolate point of meaning in symbology pertaining Elven lore. Given enough meditation while focused on a specific theme or event Elahriel could provide broad perspective on a specific subjects in history. Her ability to draw from wells of memories lingening in the Fade she proved to be considerably resourceful, let alone her even more disturbing capability to entrer the dreams of sleepers she had an affinity with, a personal object possessed or merely just in aequate proximity. Sister Nightingale saw Elahriel's worth and was not shy to ask whenver she needed the assistance of a peculiarly effectie agent and brocer of supposed 'secrets'. She noted that for a Dalish elf she is surprisingly natural navigating Orlesian soial scene that the mage only commented as "Well... You know how. Empathy."

Commander Cullen Rutherford

Elahriel met Commander Cullen when her brother and she arrived at Skyhold as they engaged in a short conversation in the courtyard as he was attempting to marshal his troops, during which he pledged to the Inquisitor that he will never allow another crippling defeat such as Haven to occur again, and when she remarked that she feels profoundly thankful for having both men surviving the attack and expressed concerns about the Commander's apparent sleep withdrawal. Later during or after some of the War Council sessions where her expertise was required she shared a few words and some awkward glances with him. Is she caught him more-or-less alone she dared to ask quite personal questions occasionally, such as wherther he left someone special behind in Kirkwall, or concerning specific templar wows, often leaving him off-guard. As Cullen attempted to defeat her Lyrium-addiction – as it came to Mahanon's attention – Elahriel provided support and provided him with the potion of mixture of herbs ancient Dreamers used to easy their access to the Fade. As opposed to regular mages Dreamers did not reqiure Lyrium at all to do so, the potion helped Cullen to remedy the worst effects of the withdrawal. She glimpsed that the man does harbor intimate toughts with her and that even she did care for him, but she attributed the feeling to the amplified emotional outlet caused by caregiving  not unlike what others in another world call the Florence Nightingale effect . She frankly did not expect herself harboring feelings for a Shemlen. Not that the racial difference mattered so much. Although the elves of the time were actually less timeless she know this does not necessarly apply to an elven Dreamer. Blessed Sylaise...

Ambassador Josephine Montyliet

Coming from comparatively politically irrelevant beckground, according to Josephine Elahriel had "hidden worth  not unlike a peacock that unfurls its tail for the adoration of the beholders". She certainly had "a knack for subtle social manneuvering a silver tounge if she truly needed – as if she knew just what to say in the right moment for the right person." She actually was not as capable as she often made her appear to be but in due course she usually got away what she initally intended to achieve. Elahriel proved to be a an important contact figure with both the Council of Wycome and the University of Orlais – and despite being an elf still precious for the singular merit of being the sister of the Inquisitor. She was a keen critic of storytelling while attending theatrical performances to which the Lady Ambassador invited her, which she delightfully called "a refreshing perspective".

Seeker Cassandra Pentaghast

The Seeker initially though nothing much of aside of noting yet another elven apostate among the ranks of the Inquisiton. Knowing more of her open-minded religious affinities, namely the willignes to compare or incorporate aspects of the Chant of Light sunbstantially alterd her perception of the Dalish mage. The two often entered in to resounding theological debate which included discussing Elahriel's radical notion that tha Chant is telling of not one Maker, but at least two starkly contrasting personailties thereof. Albeit its audacious nature Seeker Cassandra could attribute a grain of truth being present in the argument, only for Elahriel stating that "truth is never at the end of something, it is where something begins."

Varric Tethras

Elahriel found Varric to be an amiable person and possibly it was because of his sarcasm and cynism that she found him delightful. She enjoyed sharing stories with the dwarven author whenever she had the time and she offered even caustic critique on story-telling, especially praising non linear techiques or alternatively pointing out the droll banality in overly calculable talecrafting – what turned out to be much for the dwarf's appreciation in turn. She found the accalimed author for all his wit being "mundane". Varric was known to call her "Scintil."

Imperial Court Enchanter Vivienne

She had little else than respect for the woman of her own making, and Vivienne seemed to reflect that. Elahriel was profoundly thankful for the Imperial Court Enchanter for arranging her special training wih the Knight-Enchanters. The two women seemed to agree on that posturing is essential for the hatchling Inquisition and she gladly accepted Vivienne's offer to intoduce her to her seamstress before she attended the Ball at Halamshiral.


The immersion and integrity with the 'people people' or the 'small folk' that Sera so naturally represented and maintaied was a really attactive quality that Elahriel valued in the nonconform archer. She found her utter rejection of the elven culture baffling yet understood it as it is "of consequence" and a sort of achievement in its own right – for who is she to even judge her.

Commander Helaine

Eleahriel found significant fullfillment in unlocking the potential she felt lingering in her magic. Realizing that Knigt-Enchanters indeed do build on a twist of the traditional art of Arcane Warriors but also amply draw from the no less metacrative discipline of the Force Mages. Helaine was a stringent and respectable mentor, and unlike her training with Cillian, which she experienced as much as learning "to dance" the way of the Knight-Enchanter was rather paved with orderly focus, and exacted stict command over the "shift and shields" of the Fade.

Professor Bram Kenrick

Elahriel joined the Marcher, Professor Bram Kenric's pursuit of knowege in the Frostback Basin and later accopanied the Iquisition field ivestigation entourage to once again interpret the meaning of found veilfire runes and elven scripts left in the wake of the efforts of Inquisitor Ameridan
Much to her suprise she found rather well-integrated psychic resonances that could be almost entirely translated to cognitive 'memories' and and factual languge patterns. This was only surpassed by learning that the author was actually still alive all along. Professor Kenric was sshocked to learn the whole truth as Inquisitor Mahanon revealed the fact that Ameridan was noth just a mage but also an elf, to which he said that he will be "either be famous or beheaded". Elahriel reassured him for as much as it does worth, she will do her best that the former applies  not quite hiding her eagerness to win another friendly contact of note in the Free Marches, in the Professor's case one in Starkhaven.


Seeing her as a natural political ally, during her time at the Winter Palace she made sure to meet Ambassador Briala and congratulate her on her effort and unwavering spirit to aid the People on the public and social level, pointing out the peculiar accounts telling about that she and her 'city elf' agents seemed to operate nigh-simultaneouly at relatively distant locations. To her question that how can Elahriel be informed about that she jokingly said that "knife-ears are long, Lady Ambassador" and adding "Distances are short when you look at them". Revealing her knowlede of the existence of the EluviansDespite the fact that thr mage was the companion of the Inquisitor who in turn was the companion of Grand Duke Gaspad she supported
Empress Celene I, mostly do to her scolarly and occult bent as well as her 'sympathy' for elves which she told her brother when he asked her opinion of whom he should support. Ulimatley, like Leliana, she cast her 'vote' next to Briala first of all  perferably somehow alongside Celene.

Ser Michel de Chevin

Elahriel met Ser Michel, the fomer Champion of Empress Celene I as a fellow Inquisition intelligence agent and she did not waste time to ask for an in-depth account of his experience with the Eluvians. She needed no confession or any measure measue of espionage to know that the dashing Chevalier was elf-blooded  the elder blood runs with a noticable resonance, even if diluted and streaming in a human vessel. Elahriel found Ser Michel "celestially becoming".

The truth is just a beginning

As opposed to some misinterpretations of she possibly being a vessel to Sylaise, possessed of by a spirit as such, Elahriel was actually a "spin-off" to an alternate "skein". She was Elahriel, a singular being in a singular world which the elven 'gods' were not part of.

Just before they were 'locked away' before – in their lack of 'temperance'  they could effectively 'dis-create' the 'world' – the 'earth' the 'gods' bickered with one another. Opposing 'circles's interests clashed in which wake Mythal herself was rendered to be a spirit  completely passing onto the Fade through ethropic entry (i.e. liquidated from the integrity of her former existence). She however was 'interwoven' with the 'pillars of the earth' and thus found her way as manifesting as a spirit  yet as being intrinsic of the Fade and  becomig inherently able to posess willing hosts to as instruments of her will. All that aligned well with her  integrity, hosting, objectivity, decision, presevation, and of couse command – in other terms: order for order's sake. The Hearthkeeper shared the same circle, but not the same fate. Her spirit retained its orignal integrity to a degree where it was merly 'confined'. Her alingnment – communion, transactivity, remedy, creativity, ingenuity (that last shared with the Firemind, June for good) – in other terms: chaos for order's sake. While Mythal provided the 'foundations' and 'maintained' 'integrity', Sylaise 'spun' 'threads' of 'art" new and anew. More fickle, less solid, more flaring, less stern. While Mythal measured 'constant', Sylaise mesured 'potential'. Albeit ways might have differed the 'core' and the goal was the same. Their 'art' were 'co-dependent', with the Heartkeeper knowing her connection to the 'source' being perhaps more expressive but less firm.  The 'loom' and the 'pattern'.

Thus her position to 'trans-act' with the world of Thedas was quite different, also relatively unnecessary. Alas a strog spirit cannot belie its 'nature'. Deprived of the 'pools' that 'fueled' her 'art' she tested the 'confines' of the limitations that got forced onto her. Never one without wits and creativity she found that limitations carry some measure of latent, potential freedom and perhaps interesting new ways to pursue 'art' from another 'perspective' – which in her case was often crucial. Willingly accepting one's 'definition' is 'liberation'  she learned, and 'spun' a fitting 'thread' which she could apply to a fitting 'skein'. 'Weaving' was beyond her now but 'spinning' was still not. Even a single 'thread' 'spun' however might 'find the way' to 'enrichment' and if fate would be indeed kind for the 'accepting' and 'liberated', will be 'integrated' to a 'pattern' in the 'weave'. Belief is the 'currency' in 'the sea of yarns'.

Elahriel was an incarnation of the Heathkeeper intrinsic to Thedas' 'fabric'. A piece of 'thread' willfully intended to be the part of the 'singular design' yet without the 'factual' influence of its 'origin'. It was well within her ability to 'discern patterns' and therefore 'indentify the threads' that held the 'fabric' 'tight' and also the ones that could have set 'loose' only to 're-integrate' parts of the 'design' 'elswhere'. Such 'trickster' 'threads' were the 'question' to wich 'answers' already were know. For the 'patterns' – overall – do repeat. Every opportunity to take a grasp on 'individual novelty' though must be treasured. Alas, so long as the 'loom' 'warps', we 'weave'.

Her subcouscious was that of the Herathkeeper but as Elahriel, despite her 'ease of entry' to the Fade, she either paid little attention to it – let alone to share any part of it with anyone in praticular –, or deliberatley embrace her 'freedom', ingoring the larger 'framework' and the 'bonds' of her 'origin', and regarded the 'limitations' bestowed upon her more like 'supporting rails' rather than 'confining bars'.

Ultimately, as was her custom, she intended to 'capture' what she found 'worthy' – as her grasp at 'weawing' would be once again within reach – in a 'piece of fabric', alternatly understood as a 'pocket realm' to 'preserve' it and 'enrich' the 'inspirational collection' for her 'perusal'. To this end she was supportive towards parts and 'aspects' of Mythal's and Fen'Harel's plot to 'obviate' of the 'flow' of 'linearity' that the 'current' 'warp' has 'set' as 'reality' only to exploit the 'loop', the with both the 'repetitions' and 'alterations' for her own 'enrichment'. She 'tapped' on the same 'sets' of 'threads' but selected ones of different 'tone'.

This within the 'confines' of 'current' Thedas meant that Elahriel felt a stronger conection with the elves as either the 'current' 'aspects' of others of the 'first' – who generally saw the 'current' sate of the 'People' as some 'failure' that needs to be 'corrected' and thus then 'rendered' 'irrelevant' by being replaced by the 'right' 'due course'. That evidently showed in his 'standing' as being 'integrated' into the Dalish culture, while the other 'aspects' 'wadered' across the 'earth' enad 'nudged' 'fate' (as takes on 'threads') in 'ways' 'lone' and even often 'alone' with their own 'devices'.

She believed all this, and exactly as it happened 'taught' and 'important lesson' – also that one got what one 'deserved'. 'Should' have. 'Must' have. 'Experienceing' 'repentance' to be 'enriched' with 'benevolence', 'charity', 'patience', 'diligence', 'chastity', 'temperance', 'humility', 'prudence'...

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