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Warden is a fantasy/action film developed by Warner Bros. Studios and EA Entertainment Studios. The movie is a prequel to the Dragon Age video game franchise directed by Peter Jackson. Filming began late 2012 and ended on August 27th, 2014. The movie is set to be released to theatres around the world on February 12th, 2015. The events have been rumored to take place during the Second Blight, following the adventure of a squad of Grey Wardens.


Orlando Bloom as Desmond Arimadi- A young, Human Grey Warden from Amaranthine and a member of the Fourth Regiment of the Grey Wardens during the Second Blight.

​Christian Bale as Nigel Tresnop- Veteran Human Grey Warden from Denerim and Head of the Fourth Regiment of Grey Wardens during the Second Blight.

Ewan McGregor as Edmund Dredd- Veteran Grey Warden Human from Denerim and member of Fourth Regiment of Grey Wardens during the Second Blight.

Arnold Vosloo as Morlan Dedue- Veteran Elf Grey Warden from Orlais and member of Fourth Regiment of Grey Wardens during the Second Blight.

Djimon Hounsou as Morgan Gereas- First Warden of the Grey Wardens.

Ralf Moeller as General 'Trenad Sednas'- Leader of Starkhaven forces.

Vincent Cassel as Emperor Kordillus Drakon- Emperor of the Orleasian Empire.

Steven Brand as Corin- Grey Warden mage from Tevinter who killed the Archdemon, Zazikel.

Brian Bloom as Archdemon Zazikel (voice)- Leader of the Darkspawn.




Canon and RelevanceEdit


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